Start-Up Turnkey Plans For First Timers

    My 10 Step Plan is a step-by-step all-inclusive TURNKEY plan created for the first time or budget conscious DRTV marketer. It is a comprehensive plan that set up a complete DRTV business for the marketer that includes a short form campaign (:120 and :60 fully produced spots), a top notch telemarketing service and a fulfillment company that includes all set up fees and deposits and a media test that runs around 2 weeks from start to finish.

    Most importantly, I am there helping you, the marketer, every step of the way to insure the greatest chance of success for the campaign.

    The following steps are the process in which your campaign is created and readied for DRTV marketing.

    My five Commandments for success are:

    -Understanding the marketplace for price and product

    -Making sure all the suppliers of your campaign are delivering -results

    -Getting the most out of your media budget: Where and When to buy.

    -Procuring the most revenue per order using a great upsell

    -Keeping manufacturing costs low and delivery of product constant

  • Stage One: Conceive and write script for Infomercial (long or short form)

The script will be comprised of five main components:
(A) The Intro Hook (B) Current Problem (C) New Product Definition (D) Demonstration (E) The Offer (F) The Bonus

The look of the Infomercial will be conceived in order to showcase the best attributes of the product in the most informative and entertaining manner.

Usually, by having a great demonstration, assembling a great offer and giving the viewer an incentive to buy are key steps in achieving DRTV success!

  • Stage Two: Produce the Show or Spots

My production company, Meltzer Media Productions, can produce the infomercial by shooting original footage on location, on a set or using submitted archival footage of your product. MMP will then edit the footage and create appropriate supers, titles and animated graphics, record voice over and add music.

  • Stage Three: Create A Commerce Ready Website

Create or program an existing website to be E-commerce ready. The offer will coincide with the TV offer. The site’s web address will be listed on the spots with the #800.

  • Stage Four: Pick a Media Company (Overlaps Stage Two)

I will contact three highly respected Direct Response Media Buyers. They in turn will give us an overall strategic approach and a rough media schedule of which channels and what day or night parts they will buy time for. This way you’ll have an approximate idea of where it will run, when it will run, how many people it will reach and how many runs you’ll get. Remember, this is DR media time and the placement is usually within a 4-hour time block; not on a particular show.

  • Stage Five: Fulfillment (Overlaps Stage Two)

Like the media buyers, I will contact 3 fulfillment companies that are equipped to deal with direct response TV fulfillment. They will hook up with the telemarketing and merchant service companies to receive completed orders for shipment to the customers. These fulfillment companies are in every part of the country.

  • Stage Six: Select a Telemarketing Company (Overlaps Stage Two)

Picking the correct telemarketing company for your campaign requires an in-depth understanding of what types of services are available. There are numerous companies that have phone rooms of varying sizes and offer many types of telemarketing services. The pricing structure varies from company to company depending on the type of services you choose for your campaign. Most companies have accurate order processing and can hook up with just about any fulfillment company. You will receive daily, weekly or monthly reports (your choice) about what is selling where and for how much.

  • Stage Seven: Coordinate The Media, Telemarketing and Fulfillment Center

It starts with completing telemarketing scripts that contain the dialogue and offers the telemarketers use when a customer calls. Then the hookup between the fulfillment center and the telemarketer is arranged. Finally, the media company will send me #800 numbers and I will make VHS viewing copies and ultimately broadcast masters for the stations that will run the spots.

  • Stage Eight: Tabulate The Results

The TV test will air for approximately 2 weeks. At the end of that time plus a week or so (for drag orders), we (media company and myself) will look at the numbers from the TV and Website and determine the ROI and CPO. At that point you will determine whether you want to "tweak" your spot or show and retest, rollout or try Per Inquiry (PI)

  • Stage Nine: Ancillary Testing and Markets

I can source out various media companies to see if they will run your spot on a PI basis. Per Inquiry TV placement is when a media company and a station will give you free TV time for 50% of the first sale. This is a win win situation.

  • Stage Ten: Product Placement In Non- TV Markets

Home Shopping
Send products to various home-shop reps for placement

Set up meetings with various companies for PI placement or wholesale sales

Print Placement
Call print media specialists and see if remnant space is available

International Distribution
Have product put on the International website for mass distribution Worldwide

Retail Distribution
Send product to various reps for store placement

Radio Infomercials (long and short form)
Develop long and short form direct response based on the TV campaign and buy
Media on targeted stations for mass airings

Credit card insert mailings.
I am in contact with one of the largest credit card insert mailer in the country (a potential of 100 million mailings)


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