What is Media Buying?

Media buying refers to the strategic planning, negotiation and buying of:
-Print Media

DRTV Media vehicles include:
-Broadcast/cable networks
-Local broadcast stations
-Specialty cable networks

The cost of media buying varies considerably. Factors to consider include:
Cable network or local broadcast station
-Short or long-form
-Time slot for your target audience
-Rating and size of audience delivered
-Seasonal influences on available media inventory
-Trends in a market
-Package deals

The results of DRTV are immediate. The results of the schedule you purchase soon become apparent.

On a global scale, the movie industry is predicted to grow to $450 billion (US) by the end of 2005.

Compare that to the DRTV industry, which is predicted to grow to $2 Trillion.

Source: www.mediapost.com


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