What is DRTV?

    DRTV stands for Direct Response Television. In its broadest definition, DRTV is the entire direct response process: not just TV advertising. But, it is television that drives all the other distribution outlets. It takes a product or service from inception to fulfillment. A complete DRTV ad campaign can encompass advertising on TV, radio, Home Shopping, the Internet, print, insert ads, catalogs and retail: domestically and internationally.

    DRTV is also referred to just the TV portion of the campaign as in "Our DRTV campaign rang the phones off the hook!"

    The following is a short list of the procedures that I will guide you through.

    As you will see, the DRTV process is long, overlapping and complicated. It takes an experienced DR Marketer to get you through the process to avoid the collapse of these kind of services.

The DRTV creation to fulfillment process includes:

1. Development of the product

2. Creating the infomercial

3. Setting up the telemarketing, merchant-and fulfillment services

4. Buying Media

5. Testing the service suppliers

6. Running an Infomercial test

7. Fulfilling the product demand

8. Tabulating the results

9. Determining a new course of action

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