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For 20 years, the name Jeff Meltzer has been synonymous with the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in broadcast and non-broadcast television.

Renown in the industry as a talented TV Director, Producer & Editor, his production and post-production expertise includes countless TV series and programs, commercials, movie trailers, TV promos, industrials, music videos, corporate films, pharmaceutical videos, infomercials, and short form direct response commercials.

At MMP you can take care of your whole production, from beginning to end at ONE place, or you can pick and choose. Our production capabilities include: Location & Studio Shoots, live action, Multi-Camera, Motion Control, & Product/ Tabletop in any format you need. Postproduction at MMP is done on our Digital Nonlinear Avid Editing Systems. MMP also provides graphics, sound design, and more. (check out MMP’s Services).

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