• What is Direct Response Marketing?

    Direct response advertising is comprised of a TV, radio, show, print, catalog or any other kind of ad that allows a consumer to dial a phone number or go to a website and order the product or service that is being featured in the ad.

  • The most common direct response marketing forms are:

    Short form commercials (:30. :60 :120 in length)

    Infomercials (28:30 in length)

    Print Ads (Newspapers, Magazines)

    Radio (long or short form)



    Home Shopping

  • Advantages of Direct Response Marketing

    Create and execute various offers

    Measure Individual test results for each campaign

    Measure media buy effectiveness

    Customize and track each spot or show individually

    Modify campaign based on actual responses


  • The Numbers Don't Lie

    Direct response advertising is a measured medium. The following information can be derived in a DR campaign.

    Can track how many calls/responses you get

    Can track where the responses came from

    What TV stations, magazines, etc. performed well and which didn't

    What day and time worked better than others

    Can determine who was your typical buyer

    What was ordered and from which medium it was ordered from


  • What Makes a Great DR Product?

It is unique (like no other product on the market)

It appeals to a mass audience

It demonstrates well

The selling price presents a great value to the consumer

The cost of goods versus the selling price is at the right ratio

It has a good chance of selling in a retail store

It can be sold Internationally

A franchise of other products can be developed from the original

You may not be the best person to answer these questions because, if the product is your brainchild and/or you have already invested significant time and money into its development, you may have the least amount of objectivity when it comes to answering such questions.

Be encouraged, because your product's time may be now and finding the right partner can help accelerate your path to success.


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