• Why Infomercials work

These are rules to making powerful, profitable direct response commercials and infomercials:

1. Five categories that will always sell:


Weight Loss


Get rich quick

Instant miracle (Gagdets)

2. The more you tell, the more you sell:

The most important thing to understand about
DRTV is that each commercial needs to function as a complete, stand-alone sales presentation. That means that by the end of your spot, the viewer must have enough information to feel comfortable making a purchasing decision. It’s your job to give them that information. That means presenting as many features and benefits, answering as many questions and overcoming as many objections as possible in the allotted time. Don’t cheat yourself out of a sale by leaving valuable information out of your spot.

3. The product is King:

Don't re-invent the wheel. A great product sells itself. Create a show or spot that is fun and easy to understand. If the product is a winner these two elements should be enough to motivate the viewer to buy your product.

4. Size matters:

Forget everything you have been told about the tiny attention span of today’s consumers. Every test ever done shows that the longer your DRTV commercial is, the more effective it will be. That’s why 60-second commercials outperform 30-second commercials, 120-second DRTV outperform 60-second DRTV commercials, and infomercials outperform them all. If you can’t do a better job of selling your product in 30 minutes than you can in 30 seconds, stick with general advertising.

5. Demonstrate your product:

The viewer needs to see your product demonstrated. More often than not, a great demo is the biggest factor in convincing a viewer to get up off the couch, reach for their credi card and order the product.

6. Use graphics to reinforce key selling messages:

Study after study has concluded that people understand and recall information better when they hear it and see it. Therefore, make sure that all the key selling points are also written on the screen as graphics at the exact same time as they are being spoken by the talent.

7. Include a powerful offer:

Great value runs a close second to demonstration in motivating a person to buy. Start with an up front offer loaded with value, add a low price point and finish with a money back guarantee and you will maximize your chances of completing a sale.

8. Add a Premium:

There's nothing like an inexpensive add-on to get a viewer to feel like they are getting something for nothing.

9. Be passionate:

Passion sells. That doesn’t mean you have to be loud, cheesy or over the top. However, if you can’t get the viewer excited about what you’re selling, you’re going to have a hard time convincing them to buy.
After all, if you’re not pumped about your product and your offer, why should the audience get excited?

10. Reason to believe:

If your product or service is better than everyone else’s is, tell the viewer why. What is the science behind this product? What technical innovation or recent discovery has made this miracle possible? Give them a reason to believe.

11. Establish credibility:

It's critical to establish and maintain credibility. This can be done through testimonials, studies or third party endorsements.

12. Testimonials work:

Consumers respond to hearing other consumers talk about how wonderful a product or service is and how much they love it. Especially if they happen to mention how skeptical they were before they tried it. To find out how well testimonials work, just try doing a successful infomercial without them.

13. Endorsements also work:

Third party endorsements, preferably from credible, respectable sources, also carry a lot of weight in DRTV.

14. Ask for the order:

Tell the viewer exactly what you want them to do, which of course is to call now and buy the product (or at least request more information).

15. The script is everything:

If you haven’t already noticed, DRTV is a scriptwriter’s medium. If the script is written properly, using proven time-tested DR principles, the phones will sing. If the script is not written properly, your commercial will die a silent death.

16. Test, test, test:

The only way to be absolutely certain what price point, which offer, which demonstration is best, is to put them on air against each other and compare the response rates.

17. Use problem/solution:

Showing the viewer a problem they can relate to, and them showing how your product or service can solve that problem, is never a bad idea.

18. Minimize the viewer’s risk:

The lower the risk, the higher the response. Ways to lower the risk include guarantees and refund policies.



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